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Welcome to Highgate Hill Dental Centre! We are a family-oriented dental practice that offers high quality dental services to the Highgate Hill, West End and surrounding inner Brisbane CBD areas.

Our dental team specialises in all aspects of general dentistry, preventative dental care and education.

If you require more information about our practice contact us on (07) 3844 6071 or enquire online.

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What Our Clients Say

Highgate Hill Dental Centre
Based on 14 reviews
The best dental surgery! Will has been my dentist (and my husbands) for many years now I and wouldn't change for the world. He is so kind, gentle and caring. Perfect for anyone who is nervous visiting the dentist. The girls on reception are also exceptionally professional with a real friendly attitude. All in all, it is always a great experience dealing with this practice.
Angus C-S
Angus C-S
21:31 26 Sep 19
I had an appointment with Will for the first time last week, hands down he is the BEST dentist I have ever visited! He took great care of me, made me feel comfortable & relaxed the whole time I was in his Chair. It's the first time ever that I have walked away from a dentist appointment feeling happy with the cost and treatment given. I highly recommend Will to anyone who is looking for a fantastic Dentist. Thanks again, Will 🙂
Libby Jeeves
Libby Jeeves
02:24 12 Aug 19
William (Bill) Morris is a phenomenal dentist, I have been coming to Bill for 30 years. I have loved my visits even since I was a child, he promotes such a child friendly environment and has made the routine of having bi-annual check ups fun. He encourages children to place their artwork on the walls and praises them for this, I recall this from my youth. Great dentist and great bloke.
luke mitchell
luke mitchell
23:19 02 Aug 19
The best dentist ever. Been going since high school and now I’m married with kids. They are my family dentists. 100 stars 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Angie Pangie
Angie Pangie
21:25 02 Dec 17
I took my two-year-old here for a tooth x-ray after she fell over. William was excellent with her, very patient and kind. She loved her dentist trip so much she talks often about going back!
Amy West
Amy West
02:54 31 Oct 17
Excellent Dental Practice.
Olivia Turner
Olivia Turner
02:41 09 Aug 16
Family friendly clinic with caring dentists. A place that offers treatment with peace of mind, recommended for anyone also with a fear of seeing a dentist.
Vivian Chen
Vivian Chen
22:54 30 Mar 16

Why Choose Us


We are a welcoming, inclusive, family-friendly practise. We have patients that span multiple generations and our professional team enjoy caring for people young and old.


We go above and beyond to make sure every person who comes to our clinic has a positive dental experience and leaves feeling empowered to take control of their oral health.


Our centre is close to Brisbane’s CBD yet in a convenient location. There is onsite and street parking, and our practice is also close to public transport and schools.


Our dentists and dental assistants speak a wide variety of languages and are able to cater to different cultural requirements.


Our practice has a ‘homely’ vibe and has been a fixture of the Highgate Hill/West End area since 1957.


Our community is important to us, and we even display the artwork of our young patients around the clinic, creating a fun atmosphere.

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