In keeping our promise to you to provide the best care to our patients


To our Patients,

Your comfort and safety, and that of your family, is of greatest importance to us and we are always looking out for your health at Highgate Hill Dental Centre.

Here are a few things that we do everyday behind the scenes, to keep your family safe and comfortable when we are looking after your teeth:

Our Steriliser “Lisa”

  • We use a vacuum steam steriliser called “Lisa” to clean all of our instruments
  • Instruments are hand scrubbed, placed in our ultrasonic cleaner to remove particles, then packaged and labelled before going through the steriliser
  • Instrument tracking – each sterilisation cycle is numbered, stickered, tracked and checked to make sure it has passed vigorous sterilisation standards after coming out of the steriliser
  • Daily steriliser function testing – we test and make sure Lisa is functioning properly every morning before we start the day

Our Clinical Rooms

  • Use of single use items: disposable barrier tape, cups, gloves, masks and materials with every patient
  • Consistent cleaning protocol – Cleaning and wipe down of the dental chair and other hard surfaces between every patient

Our Staff

  • Staff Training Updates – Some of our staff have done or are doing their Certificate III in Dental Assisting, and sharing their updated knowledge and constantly updating our sterilisation practices
  • Dentist Training – Dentists continually going to courses every year to update their knowledge

Your health and safety is important to us and we hope that this has helped you understand why we do the things we do, to allow our patients to feel like their family is in safe hands.

We wish you a happy checkup!

Your team at Highgate Hill Dental Clinic