A Day in the Life of a Brisbane Dental Centre

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes before your trip to the dentist in Brisbane? Well, there is actually a lot of preparation work before and after your visit to ensure that you have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

For our Brisbane dentists, the day usually kicks off around 7:30am. However, the dental assistants and receptionist usually arrive before the dentists to ensure everything is ready for the day ahead. A slight exception to this rule is the early bird Dr Bill Morris, who almost always manages to sneak in first!

A lot goes on before the first patient of the day walks through the door at our Brisbane-based dental centre. There are the obligatory tasks like vacuuming, mopping, and coffee drinking, but also some important daily checks and procedures so that we can offer our full range of dental services.

The autoclave (steriliser) is tested to ensure all processed instruments will come out the other side completely sterile. The sterilisation room is also set up – this involves preparing a number of solutions, filling and testing the ultrasonic bath, and a lot of flicking of switches. Each treatment room is restocked and readied for the first appointment of the day.

Meanwhile, the receptionist at our Brisbane dental practice is busily completing checks and balances out the front and going over the day ahead. He or she will be checking to make sure any lab work due back for the day has arrived, looking over the schedule for the day ahead, and returning any calls from the previous evening. This is particularly necessary when people have contacted us about dental emergencies

It’s now just before 8am and everyone has arrived at our Brisbane dental clinic. Sometimes there is even time for another coffee! The dentists familiarise themselves with their schedules, the services they’ll need to provide for their appointments and prepare for the morning session.

When no one’s looking, this is what cows get up to. #sprung

Once the first patient has arrived, the day ramps up a notch. While you’re in the dental chair chatting away to the dentist, the assistant is listening for little clues that might indicate what procedures, materials or equipment might be required during your visit.

A lot of the time you’ll see the assistant hand something to the dentist without it ever being mentioned – a little bit of dental mindreading if you will. During the appointment, the assistant could be performing any number of roles – suction, preparation of equipment, mixing materials, or just being a friendly face in the room.

At the end of the appointment, there is a flurry of activity. While you head out to reception, the room is cleaned and prepared for the next patient. All surfaces are disinfected, barriers applied, supplies refreshed, and dental equipment reset. Before you know it, the room is as good as new.

Between patients, the assistant is also responsible for the sterilisation of all instruments and equipment. This routine continues through until lunch time.

A look behind the scenes – Vanessa, one of our dental assistants, hard at work preparing the surgery for the next patient.

Lunch time is quite a social event at Highgate Hill Dental. It’s a chance for everyone from the clinic to catch up after a busy morning and chat about non-dental related things. Sometimes we even like to head out for a walk in the sunshine. We often celebrate birthdays and special events at lunch time as well.

After lunch, it’s back into the same routine as the morning, as we continue to treat all of our Brisbane patients. After the lucky last patient of the day, the end of day procedures are commenced. The sterilisation room equipment is emptied of solution and cleaned, the dental chair flushed, and everything switched off, ready to start again tomorrow.

It’s always a busy day at Highgate Hill Dental, but time flies when you enjoy what you do! We love to offer high-quality dental services to the Highgate Hill, West End and surrounding inner Brisbane CBD areas. We believe that by doing all of this every day, we create a caring, friendly and relaxed environment for our patients.

We hope to see you here at your next check-up! If you haven’t booked for your next dental check-up in Brisbane, contact us today.